Dare to Go Bare with Laser Hair Removal


The average woman spends 72 days shaving her legs throughout her lifetime.  That is approximately 1,728 hours ladies!  To add insult to injury, the average cost for a cartridge of razors now exceeds $20, adding up to thousands of dollars throughout the years.  Ready to ditch your razor and reclaim that precious time and money?  It’s possible with laser hair removal.

Over the last decade, laser hair removal has ranked in the top 5 of all requested non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  Over one million procedures are consistently performed in the United States each year according to the National Cosmetic Surgery Data Bank Statistics.  Why such high numbers?  Many suggest that this is due to laser hair removal’s universal benefit to both men AND women and its proven efficacy and safety.


Why do so many seek out permanent hair reduction with laser?  What are the key benefits?



How exactly does a laser decrease your hair growth?  A laser is a light that has a specific wavelength.  Different wavelengths are attracted to different targets on and within your skin.  The wavelength of light used in hair removal is drawn explicitly to melanin, or pigment, within your hair follicle.  That pigment absorbs the light energy from the laser, and the follicle becomes damaged and loses its ability to regrow effectively.  With each consecutive treatment, the follicle loses more of its ability to regenerate a new, healthy hair until it is thoroughly destroyed.

It’s important to note that because laser hair removal lasers are attracted to the pigment in a hair follicle that treating on darker skin types and tanned skin is sometimes not advised.  The laser may mistake the pigment in your skin for the pigment in your hair follicle and therefore, damage your skin.  This quality also makes laser hair removal lasers ineffective in the treatment of blonde, grey and translucent hairs.

The most requested areas for laser hair removal are:


Multiple treatments are needed to achieve significant reduction and clearance with laser hair removal. This is because the hair on our bodies has several stages or cycles of growth.  The catagen stage is when hair cells are replicating within the follicle.  The anagen stage is when hair is actively growing.  And finally, the telogen cycle is when hair lies dormant.  Why is this important?  A laser can only effectively treat your anagen or active growth phase.  So, you will need to return for multiple treatments to catch that interval of hair growth.  With each session you’ll notice the regrowth of your hair decrease and that the hair that does grow is less thick and even softer.


What does laser hair removal feel like?  The sensation varies by what device you are treated with, but most systems feel like a light snap of a rubber band against your skin.  In most cases, your skin will be cooled by gel, a chill plate or a cooling spray before, during and after your treatment so that the skin surrounding your hair is not damaged.  Most patients find laser hair removal very tolerable, especially when they start enjoying the soft and smooth results!

Immediately following laser hair removal, it is typical for the treatment area to be slightly red and swollen for up to 48 hours.  It is essential to protect this vulnerable skin with an SPF 30 to prevent any pigment damage from the sun.  Throughout the next two weeks, you’ll experience a “shedding” of the treated hair.  Follicles will simply surface and fall out.  With each treatment, you’ll experience less and less regrowth.

How many treatments will you need?  That depends on you and your hair!  Expect that you will need a package of 4 to 6 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.  It is also reasonable to anticipate returning for an annual maintenance treatment each year to ensure you can enjoy your soft, smooth, and hair-free skin throughout the year!

Are you ready to ditch your razor for our laser?  Schedule a complimentary consultation with a Clinical Skin Therapeutics certified laser clinician to discuss laser hair removal!




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