Defy a Double-Chin with KYBELLA™

What physical traits extend from your family tree?  While some of us inherit desirable features like our mother ’s striking blue eyes, or our father’s curly red hair, what if there are traits in our genes we’d rather have to skip us?  For many, this is the dreaded double-chin!  Fortunately, there is an expanding array of new, non-surgical options which promise to decrease your double-chin and defy your family genetics.  Let’s take a closer look at one such option, KYBELLA™.   

“I started to develop it right after puberty.  My mom’s side of the family calls it ‘Bullfrog Neck,’ and while my little brother escaped, my twin sister and I inherited this unfortunate legacy,” says Rob, a realtor in Apple Valley, MN. “I can joke about it now, but the truth is that my double-chin was making me incredibly insecure, especially when meeting clients for the first time,” he continues, shaking his head.  “I was so frustrated!  I hit the gym every day and lead a paleo lifestyle, but the fat under my chin wouldn’t go away,” shares Jake.  “When I saw the KYBELLA™ commercial on TV, I immediately researched the procedure online and found a provider in my area to schedule a consult.”

Introduced in 2014, KYBELLA™ is the first FDA approved injectable medication for the treatment of a "double-chin" or, medically speaking, submental fullness. It is strategically injected by a physician or registered nurse injector into the pockets of fat under your chin.  It is comprised of deoxycholic acid, a compound that is naturally occurring in the human body which helps us break down the fat we ingest.  In turn, KYBELLA™ permanently destroys the fat cells in the area injected which are gradually taken away by your lymphatic system.  Depending on the severity of fat in the treatment area, multiple vials and treatments may be needed.  These are spaced 4-6 weeks apart, with full results seen 12 weeks after your last injection.

“For years the chin area has been challenging to treat without surgery,” explains Dr. Yasmin Orandi, the medical director of Clinical Skin Therapeutics and a KYBELLA™ provider.  “We could soften the appearance of a double-chin with dermal fillers along the jawline, and slightly improve it with tightening lasers, but these options would never completely resolve it,” she continues.   “KYBELLA™ allows injectors to drastically improve the appearance of the chin area for patients, and improve their confidence in the process,” she adds.

Although patients may experience some tenderness, swelling and bruising for up to 2 weeks following their treatment, there is minimal downtime associated with KYBELLA™.  It is normal for patients to experience some mild numbness and hardening of the tissue under the chin as well, but all of these symptoms will subside in a matter of weeks.  KYBELLA™ is considered a safe and effective solution, but should never be expected to take the place of a full surgical neck lift.

“I am beyond thrilled with my results,” says Rob, smiling. “I had a fair amount of fat, to begin with, so I chose to do three full treatments to get the best result for me,” he continues.  “It was so crazy to watch my chin change in the mirror as each month went by.  It would be an understatement to say that KYBELLA™ has restored my self-esteem—I feel fantastic!”

Are you interested in treating your double-chin with KYBELLA™?  Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Orandi or Monica Everson, RN at our Apple Valley Clinic!

Clinical Skin Therapeutics

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