Drugstore Skincare VS. Physician Dispensed Skincare

 Feeling overwhelmed by your skincare options lately?  You’re not alone!  American women spend BILLIONS each year on cosmetics geared towards improving the appearance of our skin and hair.  What was once a single aisle of products at the drugstore has now turned into entire departments of beauty products at Walmart and Target.  In addition, we’re now marketed to on our Facebook feeds and on Instagram.  Just when we think we may have clarity on products that are right for us, our girlfriend tells us she is selling this fantastic new skincare line that is the #1 selling brand in the nation!  WHEW!  It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed and under informed!  Where do you start and how do you make choices that are right for you and your skin?  Let’s start with what makes drugstore and department store skincare different than the physician only dispensed lines you’ll find at Clinical Skin Therapeutics!

 Physician-Dispensed skincare refers to products that are only available through a medically directed business and are geared towards creating actual biological actions on the skin below the stratum corneum.  Although it is not an official term recognized by the FDA, Physician Dispensed Skincare products are not cosmetics, which cause NO change to the skin’s structure or function.  It is not uncommon for physicians, especially those who specialize in skin health, to have their own lines formulated to enhance their patients results with such treatments as laser, surgery and/or injectables.

When patients ask me what the difference is between products they can get at their local Walgreens’, compared to what we sell at the clinic, I explain to them that it comes down to the strength and quality of the ingredients,” says Jen, a Licensed Aesthetician with Clinical Skin Therapeutics.  “Because they are sold through a medical practice, Physician-Dispensed Skincare lines are able to formulate with much stronger concentrations of ingredients to cause REAL change in your skin,” she continues.  “In addition, so much money goes into the research and development of these products and how they are formulated to ensure that you get effective results!”

As Jen said, Physician-Dispensed lines have more powerful ingredients.  A great example is Vitamin C.  Renowned for its ability to brighten skin and fight off free radical damage, Vitamin C is a hot ingredient in skincare right now.  But, it is absolutely useless if not formulated correctly or administered in a strong enough concentration.  Your drugstore brand can legally say that it contains Vitamin C, but it may be in such miniscule amounts that you end up paying for something that has little to NO impact on your skin.  It’s important to look at ingredient lists and see where the ingredients you are paying for are placed.  The further down the list it is, the less concentrated that ingredient is. Whereas, Physician-Dispensed lines will not only use pure Vitamin C derivatives, they will formulate them to last on your skin longer and package them in containers that will prevent the viability of the vitamin from denaturing.

“Another difference between drug or department store skincare and Physician-Dispensed Skincare is how deeply it can penetrate into your skin,” explains Jen.  “In medical lines you will often see active ingredients such as retinol, encapsulated in liposomes or partnered with different acids to make them penetrate more deeply into the layers of your skin,” she continues.  “The brands you buy at Walmart are spending too much money on advertising the product to actually spend solid dollars on researching how to make the product actually work!”

Jen isn’t joking when she brings up the amount of money spent on advertising drugstore and department store skincare.  Companies like Unilever pay celebrities MILLIONS of dollars to endorse their products, even though that product was, most likely, never used by that celebrity.  On the other hand, the profits from Physician-Dispensed lines tend to go right back into research and development.  Instead of paying a celebrity millions, companies like OBAGI, Revision Skincare and SkinMedica reinvest that profit right back into research to ensure you are getting the results you pay for!

“We all like  pretty packaging, but I tell my patients that the actual bottle doesn’t deliver the results, what inside of it does,” laughs Jen.  “Fancy gold packaging is not going to improve your skin, so why pay extra for it,” she questions.  “These department store skincare lines are smart, they know that when you’re walking through Nordstrom’s, or the aisle of Ulta, that you have plenty of options,” Jen continues.  “They want to make their product stick out like a peacock and grab your attention!  Make sure you’re investing in the ingredients and NOT superfluous packaging!”

Another key advantage, or difference of Physician-Dispensed Skincare, is that it oftentimes comes with a personal skin consultant, your Licensed Aesthetician!

“That over perfumed lady from the Lancôme counter isn’t going to follow you home to make sure your products are working,” jokes Jen.  “But, when you purchase products that I have recommended to you because we’ve identified your skin type and condition and know that they will benefit you; you better bet I’ll be checking in to see how things are going,” say Jen, emphatically.  “I take my partnership with my patients very seriously and want them to get great results from the products I recommend.  Sometimes we need to tweak your regimen, or add an additional product.  What’s important is that I’m there every step of the way, monitoring your progress and acting  as your skincare ally.  You won’t find that caliber of care at any drugstore!”

Are you tired of wasting money on products that don’t work?  Are you ready to get started on a skincare line that will deliver actual results?  Schedule a complimentary consultation with a Licensed Aesthetician at Clinical Skin Therapeutics TODAY!  Call (952) 997 – 9306.



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