Get a Red Carpet GLOW with DermalInfusion

Ever wonder how your favorite A-List Celebrities gets that powerhouse, red carpet glow?  That perfect, dewy, smooth complexion that looks absolutely radiant under bright lights? As it turns out, there is a new, 3-in-1 treatment that promises to deliver red carpet worthy results and it’s now offered at Clinical Skin Therapeutics!

DermalInfusion, by Envy Medical, is an innovative resurfacing treatment that also incorporates a deep cleansing and nourishing moisture infusion.  In fact, it can plump your skin’s volume by up to 70% with only one treatment.  What makes DermalInfusion unique is that it can also be customized to suit any skin type, color and/or condition.  So, whether your concern is acne or anti-aging, your skin will benefit from this simple, 30-minute treatment!

You may be familiar with traditional microdermabrasion treatments which blast the surface of your skin with small crystals that bump off dead skin cells and are later vacuumed away.  Unfortunately, this method can be inconsistent and messy and is oftentimes too aggressive for the delicate eye area.  DermalInfusion is different.  The tip of the hand piece, which comes in contact with your skin, is composed of a recessed diamond tip.  This is gently moved across the skin to remove dead skin cell build up and is especially maneuverable around the eyes and lips.

As the diamond tip glides over problem areas like fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and enlarged pores, a closed-loop vacuum pressure system removes debris and cellular build up.  What’s more, is that it simultaneously infuses the skin with a deep cleansing solution that knocks out bad bacteria and softens blackheads so that they easily extract.  Talk about a deep clean!

Here comes the customization magic… at the exact point of this exfoliation and extraction, serums which are tailored to your skin condition are driven deeply into your epidermal layers.  This happens at a time when your skin is most susceptible to receiving the benefits as well. It’s like a radiance boosting miracle that actually helps correct your skin concerns!

Because of this unique delivery method, DermalInfusion gets an A+ for the treatment of such skin conditions as congestive acne, hyperpigmentation, dry skin and premature aging.  It’s also gentle enough to treat inflamed acne and rosacea.  In addition, skin is left super saturated with nourishing nutrients and antioxidants that volumize its surface up to 70%!  It’s no wonder that DermalInfusion is a favorite before special events like weddings and class reunions!

Ready to try DermalInfusion for yourself?  As an introductory offer, your first DermalInfusion Treatment at Clinical Skin Therapeutics is only $99 (normally $150) now through June 30th, 2018!  Call (952) 997-9306 to schedule!

Clinical Skin Therapeutics

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