Get Even with Sun Damage!


Are you getting tired of covering up dark spots? How about the broken, little red vessels around your nose?  Is past sun exposure aging your skin?  Especially your chest and hands?  If so, you’re not alone!  Consumers spent over $20 billion on makeup, specifically foundation and concealers, in 2017 according to Goldman Sachs.  Millions of us purchased liquids, creams and powered products formulated to even out our complexions. But, what are we doing to actually correct our concerns? It’s time to get even and learn about photorejuvenation with Broad Band Light, or BBL!

 “I see so many patients for consultation on dark spots and sun damage and most of them don’t even realize there are treatments out there, besides chemical peels, that can help correct it,” shares Whitney, a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Laser Technician at Clinical Skin Therapeutics in Apple Valley.  “Most have been using really heavy concealers to cover the dark spots for years,” she continues, “in addition, they don’t really understand the role that sun exposure plays in making these spots worse! I’m so happy that our clinic offers Forever Young BBL® by Sciton.  It’s such a simple treatment, but can dramatically improve skin’s tone and clarity in as little as one treatment!”

Contrary to popular belief, wrinkles are NOT the #1 visible sign of aging.  Recent studies rank uneven skin tone and discoloration as being the first marker of aging that someone notices when looking at our skin! Decades of unprotected sun exposure in our youth, can later surface as unattractive dark spots and patches on our face, chest, and hands.  It can also damage superficial blood vessels and create blotchy redness and broken vessels.  As a result, our overall complexions can appear dull, muddy, and uneven.  The Forever Young BBL® treatment is the gold standard in the medical spa world to restore even tone and clarity to your skin!

How does Broad Band Light, or BBL work?  For starters, it’s not a true laser.  True lasers have a single beam of congruent light which targets a specific component of our skin like blood, water or pigment. BBL, on the other hand, emits several wavelengths of light to the skin at once over a broader spectrum.  This allows it to treat multiple concerns in one treatment, as different wavelengths of light are attracted to different targets in your skin!  This versatility allows BBL to effectively and safely target brown spots (hyperpigmentation) and eliminate redness.  

A Forever Young BBL® treatment is most often performed by a Licensed Esthetician who has been trained to work specifically with lasers and is under the medical direction of a physician.  Prior to your treatment, she will discuss how to properly prepare your skin for the safest results.  This may include avoiding sun exposure and omitting the use of topical retinols at home. It is incredibly important to not be tan at the time of your treatment, as this may cause serious complications.  You will also be asked if you are currently using any prescriptions that may increase your sensitivity to light, like some antibiotics.  In addition, you may need a prescription to take a few days before, during, and after your treatment if you suffer from cold sores around you mouth, as your treatment may trigger an outbreak.  

Immediately before your BBL treatment, your provider will thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply a cool gel which helps the BBL hand piece glide across your skin.  Your treatment will feel like a succession of light, fast, rubber band snaps against your skin. This is accompanied by a bright flash of pulsing light. Your eyes will be protected during treatment with special goggles.

Following your treatment, it is normal for your skin to look and feel like it has a light sunburn. Don’t be scared when the dark spots you were concerned about look DARKER!  This is a good thing and means they have effectively absorbed the energy of the light! In fact, over the course of the next few days they may get even darker!  It is crucial not to pick or scratch these areas, as you may damage the emerging healthy skin beneath.  Your provider will recommend a daily SPF, of at least 30, to protect your skin and prevent future damage.

“I always tell my patients to not be surprised when the dark spots get darker,” advises Whitney.  “I let them know that it will almost look like little coffee grinds on their skin for a few days,” she continues. “What’s great is that BBL can also be used on other areas you may have sun damage, like your hands, chest, shoulders and even legs!”

Although a dramatic improvement may be seen with just one Forever Young BBL® treatment, a series of at least 3, spaced 4 weeks apart, is normally recommended.  This is because a lot of our sun damage is in deeper layers of the skin and needs to be “pulled” up with the treatment.BBL is a wonderful treatment to schedule each year as maintenance for your skin after you’ve completed a series, especially if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle!

Want to get even with Forever Young BBL®?  Schedule a complimentary consultation with a Licensed Esthetician / Certified Laser Technician at Clinical Skin Therapeutics today! Call (952) 997-9306 to schedule!


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