Latisse® and Your Lashes


“I was so tired of my short, stumpy and brittle lashes,” says Tina, a 52-year-old single mother and current patient of Clinical Skin Therapeutics.  “I had tried eyelash extensions, but it was so time consuming and I really think they damaged my natural lashes,” she continues.  “I wanted an easy solution that would give me great results, but also keep my lashes healthy!”


There’s no way around it—long, thick, dark eyelashes can make a dramatic impact on your facial features.  Not only do they make your eyes and eye color more noticeable, they can add a dimension to your facial attractiveness.  Although “fake” eyelashes such as glue on, or extensions, have become increasingly popular, many people find these options too messy, time consuming and expensive.  Thankfully, a wonderful option is available in today’s market that delivers incredible results AND improves the condition of your natural lashes!


“I explain to my patients that just as our skin ages, so do our lashes,” explains Jen, a Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician at Clinical Skin Therapeutics.  “When we get older, our lash count can drop and the length of our lashes growth cycle may decrease.  This leaves gaps along our lash line making them appear sparse.  In addition, lashes can get dry and brittle and actually break more easily,” she continues.  “I love recommending Latisse® to my patients because everyone returns so happy AND their lashes are healthier in the long run!”


Manufactured by Allergan, the creator of Botox Cosmetic, Latisse® is a FDA-approved prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes).  It was developed to make eyelashes longer, fuller and darker. The active ingredient in Latisse® is bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.  Applied nightly to your top lash line like liquid eyeliner, it works by increasing the length of the growth cycle of your lashes over time, allowing them to grow thicker and longer. 


“My results didn’t happen overnight,” says Tina.  “I thought I started to see my lashes get a little longer by week 5, but by week 8 they were definitely longer, thicker and darker!”


A full treatment of Latisse® is a daily application for 16 weeks to see optimal results.  After this time, your Licensed Aesthetician may recommend continuing use every other night, or even every third night to maintain your results continuously throughout the year.


“I like to meet with my patients who are first time users of Latisse® to instruct them on proper use with the disposable applicators and explain how their results will progress,” explains Jen.  “Although you may see fantastic results at week 8, it’s important to keep applying nightly for the maximum effect,” she continues.  “There are some potential side effects with Latisse® like discoloration of the iris of the eye and some pigmentation along the lash line, but these are very rare.”


“I absolutely love my results and that I can achieve them without 2-hour lash fill appointments every 3 weeks,” laughs Tina.  “Latisse® is just so easy to use that I’ve simply incorporated it as step in my nightly skincare routine,” she says.  “Plus!  It’s so easy to save on it with my Brilliant Distinctions Points with Allergan!”


Because Latisse® is an Allergan product, patients can earn points with each purchase of a 3mL or 5mL size prescription of Latisse®.  These points can later be put towards a future Botox or dermal filler appointment, or more Latisse! 


So, what are your waiting for?  Gorgeous lashes are just a phone call away!  Call Clinical Skin Therapeutics at (952) 997-9306 to schedule a complimentary Latisse® consultation!


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