Say Goodbye to Skin Tags and More with Lamprobe!

Are you plagued by annoying Skin Tags?  These little balloons of hanging skin are common and harmless, but they can also be unsightly and annoying!  Although their true cause is unknown, Skin Tags are believed to be attributed to genetics, hormones, friction and such conditions like obesity.  They are most often found on the neck, underarms and trunk of the body.  Although many home remedies exist and many people flock to their dermatologists to have them removed, there is now a quick and effective way to banish your Skin Tags and other small skin lesions with Lamprobe!

Let’s face it, even if you have gorgeous, healthy skin, most of us have some small irregularity we’d like to have disappear.  The Lamprobe device offers a simple, non-invasive way to address small skin ailments such as milia/whiteheads, skin tags, broken blood vessels and more!

What Exactly is Lamprobe?

Lamprobe is a small, pen-like device that utilizes radio frequency energy to remove small skin lesions. The treatment vaporizes the moisture found in skin cells causing them to dry up and ultimately fall off until a lesion is cleared.  In some cases, one treatment is all it takes, but a series of treatments may be advised. It’s quick, effective and relatively painless!

What Happens During a Lamprobe Treatment?

During treatment, your medical provider will hold a small probe over your area of concern. These probes are customized to your skin type and the condition you wish to treat.  The probe is held to the treatment area for about three to five seconds to vaporize the moisture in the skin cells.  An entire treatment session usually takes no more than 30 minutes. Longer treatments may be needed depending on what type of lesion is being removed and in what quantity.

Recovery is generally quite quick after treatment and you can return to regular activities.  Redness and tenderness to the treatment site is normal and you may be advised to wear antibiotic ointment and Band-Aids until the area is healed and/or faded.

What Skin Irregularities Can Lamprobe Treat?

Skin Tags

Lamprobe can easily remove these pesky little lesions! Whether you want them removed for aesthetic reasons, or if they are causing you irritation or discomfort, this method can permanently remove Skin Tags.

Clogged Pores

Tired of a never-ending battle with deeply clogged pores, or blackheads?  Lamprobe can treat congested pores that have not responded to other treatments like chemical peels or manual extractions.


If you have small white bumps on your face, especially around your eyes or forehead, you may be suffering from milia.  These “whiteheads” develop when keratin, or dead skin cells, become trapped beneath the skin.

Most methods to remove milia focus on dissolving the dead skin cells that form a protective barrier over the pore.  This barrier traps the dead skin inside and causes the hard, white bump.  Lamprobe is very effective in treating milia because it treats through this barrier to help dry up the lesion and cause it to simply flake away over a few days.

Cherry Angiomas

Do you have little red polka dots on your stomach or breasts? Sometimes called senile angiomas, cherry angiomas are bright, little red skin growths. They get are comprised of small clusters of blood vessels. When scratched, cherry angiomas can bleed easily.

Cherry angiomas are most always benign, but can cause concern if they are highly visibly or constantly being scratched.  Lamprobe, unlike other methods like freezing, is very a very comfortable treatment method for these lesions.

Broken Capillaries

Sometimes called spider veins, broken capillaries can be especially unsightly on the nose and face.  Appearing like a small web-like mapping of veins, broken capillaries are burst vessels towards the surface of your skin that can’t heal, therefore leaving an unsightly mark. The Lamprobe treatment helps by sealing and collapsing these small vessels until they disappear!

Cholesterol Deposits

Are there large, hard, white clusters around your eyes?  Formally known as xanthelasma, cholesterol deposits under the eyes can develop when you have high levels of triglycerides in your blood stream or high cholesterol in general. The cholesterol causes small, yellowish bumps to form on the inside corners of the eyelids.  Although they are not a health problem, cholesterol deposits can be embarrassing and can act as a visual signal a potential issue, such as high triglycerides or pre-diabetes. Since the growths can get larger over time, many people prefer to treat the deposits sooner, rather than later.

Lamprobe effectively removes the cholesterol deposits without the risks or side effects associated with other treatment methods such as scarring.

So, whether it’s Skin Tags or some other small skin annoyance that you’re battling, chances are that Lamprobe may be able to help!

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