Treatments to Look Fa La La La FLAWLESS for the Holidays!

The holidays always seem to come so quickly and with them, a slew of holiday parties, family reunions and special events we’d love to look our best for.  Yet, so often, in the attempts to prepare for all the festivities, we put ourselves LAST on the list!  Wouldn’t it be great if there were some effective treatments that could save us time this holiday season AND get us feeling and looking our best?  Luckily, these treatments DO exist and they can get you on the fast track to feeling and looking fabulous!

One of my favorite combination services for time constrained patients during the holidays is SkinTyte and DermalInfusion,” shares Jennifer Johannes, an advanced practice esthetician and laser technician at Clinical Skin Therapeutics.  “The combined exfoliation with deep moisture infusion of DermalInfusion, plus the instant effects of laser skin tightening, literally makes patients’ skin GLOW and gives them some downtime to relax,” she continues.

DermalInfusion, is a 3 in 1 treatment that features a deep cleansing with extractions, an exfoliation, and a deep moisture infusion. SkinTyte, on the other hand, utilizes safe infrared energy to generate instant and progressive lift and tightening to the skin.   Together, they are the perfect treatments to restore the vibrancy to sluggish winter skin.  

“We see our Botox and dermal filler numbers increase dramatically around the holidays,” says Monica Everson, a registered nurse and cosmetic injector at Clinical Skin Therapeutics.  “I think part of this is because the stress of the holidays makes people notice their lines more!  And, there is extra pressure to look your best during the holidays because you’ll be with family and friends you may not have seen for up to a year, and you’ll be in a ton of photos,” she continues. 

Botox, a treatment that relaxes and softens active wrinkle on the skin, can literally be performed within a 15 minutes treatment.  Within 10 to 14 days, your complexion looks more relaxed and well-rested, as lines have been smoothed and other areas lifted.  With treatments starting as low as $150, it’s a skin picker upper that doesn’t break the holiday bank, yet still has  results with impact.

Does your skin need a quick refresher for the holidays?  Call Clinical Skin Therapeutics at (952) 997-9306 to book one of the treatments mentioned above or additional services that help you get your holiday glow on!




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