Chemical Peels


Basic Peels start at $80 up to $225 depending on the strengths of the peel. We offer the following peels. Click on each service to learn more.


  • APEELE™ is a next-generation revitalizing peel designed to provide controlled exfoliation of damaged skin with significant visible results after just one treatment. This powerful yet non-invasive chemical resurfacing procedure uses a synergistic combination of multiple active ingredients to improve the quality and appearance of facial skin. APEELE™ achieves a smoother, tighter and younger-looking face without surgery, injections or significant downtime. Experience a visible transformation of your skin with APEELE™. Apeele offers three levels of peels, Light, Medium and Forte. You will see the beautiful transformation with all three levels, depending on your available downtime may determine which level you would like to proceed with. 


  • SkinMedica Also offers three levels of peels. These peels work best if you do them in a series of 3-6 peels 


  • The Illuminize peel. This is the gentlest of the 3 peels and a good peel for first time patients. 


  • The Vitalize peel. This peel is the medium level peel. It is for mild to moderate skin imperfections. After 1 peel you will notice some improvement in your skin, however, Skin Medica recommends that these peels be done in a series of 3-6 peels to see maximum effect. 


  • The Rejuvenize peel: This is the strongest of the peels and is for moderate to severe imperfections. This peel will go deep into the surface layers and will give the most dramatic result. This peel can be repeated every 6-8 weeks. 

  • GloProfessional 

    GloProfessional offers many different types of peels for every concern and most skintypes. Please come in for a consultation to figure out what the best GLOProfessional peel is for you. 


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