Mrs. Whitney Lindberg

Licensed Advanced Practice Esthetician & Certified Laser Technician located in Apple Valley, MN


About Whitney Lindberg

As Lead Advanced Practice Esthetician at Clinical SKIN Therapeutics, Whitney draws from over a decade of experience in the medical esthetics field to set a high standard of patient care and results at our clinic!

After years of struggling with her own skin problems, Whitney decided to turn her problem into a passion and became a licensed esthetician. She had experienced the immense toll her dissatisfaction with the appearance of her skin had taken on her self-confidence and wanted to learn and do everything she could to help others who were suffering from similar concerns. She graduated from the Scot Lewis School of Cosmetology in 2007 and has been with Clinical SKIN Therapeutics since the clinic was just over a year old.

Whitney is all about results and an honest, “tough love” approach when it comes to skincare. She knows, first-hand, the discipline and time it took to get her own skin to its current condition and what it takes to keep it there. As a result, Whitney is adamant about constructing comprehensive treatment plans for her patients that are highly specific to their needs. She prides herself on being a great partner to those she works with and checks in on you often to make sure you are seeing results and staying compliant with your treatment plan. Whitney believes that skincare, like fitness, takes coaching and discipline to ensure that you get the results you’re “training” for. Her treatment plans include sophisticated at home product regimens, as she knows that the results you get in our clinic are only part of your success and that disciplined homecare can make an enormous difference in your skin.

Because she loves to educate her patients about the cosmetic chemistry behind the products she recommends and the science behind the treatments she delivers, Whitney pursues all continuing education she can. She has obtained certifications in SkinPen® Microneedling, the proper use of Sciton® laser technologies and DermalInfusion®. She has also attended advanced seminars on SkinMedica®, Revision®, and Obagi® physician-dispensed skincare.

Having been with Clinical SKIN Therapeutics since almost the beginning, Whitney loves seeing the clinic grow with new talent and technologies. She is proud to work with a team of some of the most experienced and talented skincare providers in the entire Minneapolis area. Whitney feels fortunate that our clinic is part of the prestigious Apple Valley Medical Clinic and that patient care is collaborative and compassionate. Patients describe Whitney as dedicated, kind, friendly and enthusiastic. She likes bringing a sense of energy and fun to the treatments she delivers and balancing it with education and skill. Whitney wants each of her patients to experience the self-esteem boost that comes with loving your skin again and reclaiming the confidence that you deserve!

“Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody.”


Whitney Lindberg LAPE, CLT

Lead Esthetician

Licensed Advanced Practice Esthetician (LAPE)

Certified Laser Technician (CLT)