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Unsightly veins and vascular lesions can leave you self-conscious about your appearance. At Clinical Skin Therapeutics in Apple Valley, Minnesota, the professional medical staff offers effective vein treatments with state-of-the-art ClearScan YAG™ laser technology from Sciton® that can return your skin to normal. Laser energy comfortably and safely treats visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, and other skin discolorations. If you have a vein-related skin condition, call today or book an appointment online to begin treatment.

Vein Treatment Q & A

What vein treatments are available?

At Clinical Skin Therapeutics, medical providers use the ClearScan YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) laser to treat almost any kind of vascular lesions, including:

  • Visible vessels
  • Broken capillaries
  • Spider veins
  • Redness
  • Rosacea
  • Facial veins

The ClearScan medical and aesthetic laser treats all skin types effectively and safely, achieving lasting results.

What is the ClearScan laser?

The ClearScan laser is a medical and aesthetic laser treatment system that uses innovative technology to target the causes of vascular lesions.

It delivers light that's highly absorptive in hemoglobin or blood, which is where vascular lesions originate. Your provider also customizes your ClearScan treatment plan according to the specifics of your vascular condition and desired result.

ClearScan is most often used to treat common vascular conditions like spider veins, which are typically present on the face, thighs, legs, calves, and arms. In fact, ClearScan treats any affected skin region.

How does vein treatment with ClearScan work?

The laser targets your blood flow in the affected vessel, which absorbs light from the ClearScan laser. This process of absorption transforms light into heat energy, which increases your blood’s temperature.

During treatment, the heat delivered by the ClearScan YAG laser causes blood inside the targeted vessel to collapse and seal. Gradually, this kick-starts your immune system to slowly remove the vascular lesion, restoring your skin’s normal appearance.

Before beginning treatment, your Clinical Skin Therapeutics provider evaluates your vascular lesion and reviews your medical history to develop a personalized ClearScan treatment plan.

Depending on the severity of your condition, multiple treatment sessions will likely be required. Your results last for at least several years. However, new veins develop over time, which may necessitate a touch-up treatment in the future to restore your skin’s normal appearance.  

What should I expect after vein treatment with ClearScan?

After vein treatment with ClearScan, purplish discoloration, or purpura, and bruising are the most common side effects near the treatment area. Typically, these side effects should subside on their own within a few days.

You may also feel a slight sunburn sensation around the treatment area. Any redness or swelling should subside within two to three days after treatment. Your Clinical Skin Therapeutics provider can answer any other questions you may have about post-treatment planning.

To begin vein treatment at Clinical Skin Therapeutics, call or book an appointment online today.